An Isotonix Review – Implementing Isotonix And Isotonic Solutions By NutraMetrix Into Your Practice

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An Isotonix Review – Implementing Isotonix And Isotonic Solutions By NutraMetrix Into Your Practice

Did you realize the #1 selling vitamin in the world, Centrum®, contains Hydrogenated oil and many other “anti-chemicals” that your body is not genetically programmed to absorb?

We begin with point of emphasis because If I don’t tell you what Proctor and Gamble is holding back, then what else can you possibly imagine that they are not telling you? It’s scary actually!

I’ve personally never cared to be much of a hype-ster, but If you are looking to learn more about how the manipulative world of marketing in nutritional supplementation takes advantage of the under-educated minds of “the typical” consumer, then I’d highly suggest that you keep reading.

Factor into consideration these 3 things when taking part in this Isotonix® and nutraMetrix® review:

1. Experiential knowledge is key in any avenue of research, but on the topic of isotonic solutions, Isotonix® is truly second-to-none when it comes down to how bio-available they are.

If you aspire to work with the nutraMetrix® program, I need to educate you about the scope of health products so that you can speak intelligently about marketing Isotonix® in a manner they deserve.

There is an old saying, “you don’t know what you don’t know” and when we speak in terms of incorporating nutritional supplements into your patients lives, you MUST be aware that by implementing Isotonix® into your practice through the nutraMetrix® business system, what you don’t know WILL cost you and your patients.

You may not be aware of this but a majority of publications (mostly magazines) that advertise nutritional products in their pages are double-dipping. All-to-often, the creators of these health and fitness based magazines also own the distribution rights to the products advertised within them.

Bill Phillips, author of “Body For Life” owns E.A.S. (a supplement giant) and Joe Weider, owner of “Muscle and Fitness” magazine have a gigantic clamp on the supplement industry; but there are plenty more stories like this!

Again, MOST “TYPICAL” consumers and health professionals that are looking at implementing Isotonix® don’t realize this fact. Therefore, be sure to ALWAYS cross-reference and perform your due diligence on the scientific sensibility and tangible efficacy to back any claims of health and wellness products, especially Isotonix®.

2. What types of comparable products and distribution channels exist?

Most products are pills, tablets, gel-caps and even some are also liquid, but there is only one company who owns the registered trademark of both nutraMetrix® and isotonic solutions – Market America, Inc.

3. The final phase of reviewing both these great isotonic drinks and the business model that backs their distribution is to analyze and dissect the professionalism of the team that you may work with.

Market America has over 3,000 and growing health professionals that are currently implementing Isotonix® and nutraMetrix® into their practices.

I want to assure you that I’ve personally INVESTED thousands of dollars, as well as thousands of hours into reviewing the best options for integrating a wellness solutions program into the private practice examining rooms of sought after health practitioners, just know that my findings have left me with this distinct conclusion.

What Isotonix®, nutraMetrix® and the rest of Market America has to offer is incredible! Patients are demanding a natural health alternative these day. They’re sick-and-tired of the same-old-same-old type of treatment patterns that is getting them nowhere in their pursuit of optimal wellness!

Photo by Commodore Gandalf Cunningham

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