Are There Ways to Lose Weight Easily? One Sure Fire Way Is to Get Strong Support for Healthy Eating

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Are There Ways to Lose Weight Easily? One Sure Fire Way Is to Get Strong Support for Healthy Eating

In this article I write about how to make it easier to lose weight.

Why healthy eating is one of the most effective ways to lose weight

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” is a famous quote from Hippocrates. If you are overweight, the likely cause is overeating (including eating too much processed food). The good news is that what you eat and drink can also ‘save’ you. Four simple reasons why you should keep improving your diet are:

  1. If you have sugar cravings, you will be fighting against these constantly, causing you to regularly eat too many calories (fructose causes your body signals to malfunction, so that your brain does not receive the ‘stop eating’ signal).
  2. A poor diet leads to low energy levels, which may cause you to eat more in an [misguided] attempt to increase energy
  3. A poor diet can lead to sluggish and low moods, which can cause you to overeat for emotional reasons
  4. Only increased water intake has been associated with weight loss (reference 1). Most other drinks, including soft drinks, coffee and fruit juice have been associated with weight gain (reference 1).

If you eat healthy nutritious foods that are not too processed, and drink only water, it will definitely be easier to lose weight. But, this brings us to the real problem – eating healthily is not easy. It often requires more willpower than you may have. That is why strong support for healthy eating is a “must”, before embarking on your weight loss journey.

Affordable Strong Support For Healthy Eating

Why is strong support for healthy eating needed? As discussed in other articles, it is important to know your daily energy intake, and to reduce it. But sticking to your target daily caloric intake can be difficult. If you have figured out that you need to stick to 1600 calories per day to lose weight, but proceed to eat 2500 calories by the time you go to bed (don’t forget to count your lattes – each small latte has approximately 100 calories), the most likely reasons are:

a) You didn’t stick to drinking water only. This is understandable because drinking plain water all day can be boring;

b) You have eaten extra food for emotional reasons at one or more times during the day. Most of us have had that experience, with all the ups and downs of modern life;

c) You walked by a treat, and didn’t have the emotional strength to keep going;

d) Your immune system is not keeping Candida yeast levels under control (recent use of antibiotics, eating too much sugar, and health conditions such as diabetes can cause this). Too much Candida in your body often leads to sugar and food cravings.

These are all powerful forces making it harder to lose weight. Do you see the need for effective counter-strategies? A coach or trainer may be helpful, but may not be affordable or sustainable in the long-term. A solution that you can start now whilst losing weight, and can continue long-term, is worth considering. But, what kind of support works?

For me, pure essential oils have proved to be effective for weight loss. Therapeutic-grade essential oils do not cost the earth, and are approved for dietary or topical use, depending on the oil. Healthy eating is possible without essential oils, but, with the strong support of essential oils, it is much easier:

– There are oils, such as lemon or ginger, that can be added to water to make a tasty calorie-free drink.

-There are oils to help manage your moods, for emotional strength and resilience (just carry a cotton ball around with an uplifting oil for all day on-demand support and put oils in a diffuser or bath in the evenings at home).

– There are oils for use in health cleanses, specifically to support the body to rebalance Candida levels.

Since essential oils are reasonably affordable, it is often possible to include them in your weight loss plan even if you are on a tight budget.

By putting a clear plan in place, to use essential oils for strong and effective support for healthy eating and mood management, I believe you are more likely to successfully achieve your weight loss.

Reference 1: Funtikova AN, Subirana I, Gomez SF, et al. Soft drink consumption is positively associated with increased waist circumference and 10-year incidence of abdominal obesity in Spanish adults. J Nutr 2015;145(2):328-34

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