Monavie Reveal Product Review – Is RVL Healthy Weight Loss Solution A Weight Management System?

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Monavie Reveal Product Review – Is RVL Healthy Weight Loss Solution A Weight Management System?

In this article we are going to go behind the scenes and find out how the quest for Monavie Reveal got started. You are going to learn what motivated the company to pick weight loss as their next product line that will create more wealth for their distributors and set the company apart from any other company in the world.

Find out what the buzz is all about and what makes this different from the myriad of weight loss programs already he market. Is there really a healthy way to lose weight and keep it off? Does Monavie really have the answer the world has been waiting for? Is RVL healthy weight loss solution a weight management system?

Dr. Bernie Landis, President of the Scientific Advisory Board for Monavie was instrumental in creating the new weight management solution system, Reveal. The whole idea was to create the most innovative and effective system that ever has been brought to the marketplace to help the millions of obese people who are struggling to lose weight and/or eat healthier.

This will create another explosive wave for Monavie distributors. If you have a community already in place, you get an instant pay raise whenever a new product comes out, because most distributors are going to order the new product, as well as the ones they already order, because they love them and they work.

The company sent out a survey and asked what would be the distributors’ preferences for a new product line. Survey says weight loss! Did you know over 77% of Americans are considered obese? That is a huge market share for Monavie distributors to go after.

How did the quest for Reveal get started?

The Monavie scientists scoured the earth in search of the best ingredients. They actually looked at every food, every food ingredient, concentrate, botanicals, and every compound that they thought could possibly play an important role in weight loss.

The goal was to create a system of products that will indeed provide the greatest amount of nutrients with the fewest amount of calories. Sounds like a winner to me. Even people who are not interested in losing weight are going to benefit by drinking this delicious shake or by eating a snack bar.

Instead of drinking sodium-laden canned food or processed lunch meats for lunch, you can treat yourself to a nutritious, delicious shake and/or snack bar. Why drink a can of Ensure, when you can drink something that is actually healthy for you and will taste great?

The System Has Three Components:

A Canister of Delicious Shake Mix

Convenient, Easy to use, mix with water, milk, throw some fruit in for variations

A Delicious Nutritious Snack Bar

A fruity, chewy bar with yogurt coating

A Dietary Supplement

Concentrated to provide greatest nutrient density

Ultra-concentration of the foods that were found to be the most beneficial in achieving and maintaining healthy weight long-term

Basically out of all the studies already done, they have confirmed long-term benefits from a healthy diet have been based on getting the greatest nutrient density with the least amount of calories associated with the products. With this system your body will be getting nutrients that it is not normally getting in your daily diet. There are more nutrients per calorie than any other food or product in the marketplace.

Monavie is in the business of making waves. This weight management system is going to put them in major competition with the big boys who already have a share of the weight loss market. Step aside, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and Nutrisystem! There is a new kid on the block.

They have even designed a personal weight management website where you can track your daily food intake, exercise, weight, and measurements. Everyone wants to have the benefit of good health. Not only is this going to taste great, it is good for you also.

You are going to have tastier meal replacements which will cost less than a fast food dinner, not to mention the over-priced diet food laden with sodium, chemicals and preservatives. Some of the bags of food are even lined with aluminum and taste like aluminum when you are eating them, or if you are smart, before throwing them away like we did.

So next time you decide to pull up to a drive-in window, keep your hard-earned money in your pocket and drive away. Instead of saying supersize, drink your shake mix and have a snack bar and you will feel better about yourself and you will not supersize your hips.

This weight management system will work if you eat properly and get some exercise. You should also get plenty of sleep, because your body rebuilds itself while you sleep.

I would also recommend drinking one of their healthy functional beverages twice a day to get the equivalent of 13 fruit servings in antioxidants:

Active – for joint support and mobility

Pulse – has resveratrol and aids in weight loss. Plant sterols may lower your cholesterol.

(M)Mun – designed to support your immune system

When you are working out drink EMV energy drink Or EMV lite, with half the calories. It will give you sustained healthy energy without a crash and burn and the jitters which are nasty side effects from the popular energy stimulants on the market.

When you are ready to get started, take a photo of yourself and put it on the fridge. Also cut out some pictures of bodies or swimsuits that you like and put them on the fridge as well. When you feel like cheating, look at the pics and decide which one you are going to look like.

Then when you lose weight, you will have a picture to show people. Seeing is believing and if you are losing weight and feeling great, you are going to be able to get some customers as well. If you love the product, sign up as a distributor and make some money helping others lose weight as well.

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