Power of 10 – The Once-A-Week Slow Motion Fitness Revolution

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Power of 10 – The Once-A-Week Slow Motion Fitness Revolution

If you feel that you are too busy to get in shape and the thought of endless hours sweating in the gym doesn’t appeal to you, you will be excited to learn about a fitness regime that can get you in the best shape of your life by working out only 20 minutes, once a week. This article reviews ‘Power of 10 – The Once-A-Week Slow Motion Fitness Revolution” by Adam Zickerman and Bill Schley and will help you to figure out of this fitness program is for you.

What is Power of 10?

Power of 10 is a fitness regime that is based on 3 pillars which together provide a total body health and fitness program. The 3 pillars are 1) exercise, 2) nutrition, and 3) rest and recovery.

Exercise – the 1st Pillar

The exercises of Power of 10 consists of training with weights. Weight training should be the main focus of your fitness routine. It will help you to build strength, flexibility and exercise-induced weight loss. This is the only way to build lean muscle mass which helps you to metabolize or burn fat. And because your muscles contains numerous blood vessels, proper weight training also has cardiovascular benefits. The key difference between regular weight training and Power of 10 weight training is how slowly the weights are moved. In normal weight training, the weights are moved very quickly and momentum and gravity are used to get through the repetitions of the exercise. In Power of 10, the exercise movements are slowed down so that the motions are done 10 seconds up and 10 seconds down with no let up either at the top or bottom of the motion so that the muscles are under constant load during the exercise. 5 to 8 reps are done and the weight chosen will leave you spent by your last repetition – you cannot move the weight anymore.

Nutrition – the 2nd Pillar

The diet portion of the program is designed so that it is not so weird that you cannot maintain it. It is a healthy diet that pays attention to the glycemic index of the foods, eliminates sugar, includes plenty of vegetables, includes protein, and includes lots of water.

Rest and Recovery – the 3rd Pillar

The rest and recovery portion of the Power of 10 program is the secret weapon that may be the most valuable part of the program which many other programs ignore. During exercise, our bodies get temporarily weaker, not stronger. It is during the rest and recovery phase that we make all of our gains. And because it takes so little time to do the Power of 10 exercises, the long rest and recovery period is automatically built into the program.

Benefits of Power of 10 Exercise

According to the authors, the Power of 10 program builds lean muscle up to 50% faster than other exercise programs, improves significantly the bodies ability to metabolically burn fat, reduces the chance of painful injuries, provides cardio fitness without aerobic exercise, and can be done in 20 minutes per week.

Weight Training vs. Aerobic Exercise

Weight training is the key to your health. Only weight training can build muscle mass. Aerobics builds little if any muscle mass. Lean muscle mass can change the shape of your body making you look trim and fit. Lean muscle mass requires the burning of energy/calories to sustain itself. The more lean muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn, including when you are sitting, relaxing, or even sleeping. So weight training burns calories during the actual exercise and even afterwards at rest as the lean muscle burns additional calories. Aerobic exercise burns calories during the actual exercise but if you have lower lean muscle mass because you didn’t weight train, your at rest burning of calories will be much lower. And building lean muscle mass through weight training improves your cardiovascular system as new blood vessels grow to supply the new muscle which improves heart efficiency and strength. Also, Power of 10 weight training is easier on your body than aerobics which usually involves pounding on the joints from running or jumping, etc.

How Does It Work?

When you fatigue your muscles through exercise, the muscle cell suffer microscopic injuries. When the muscle repairs itself, it reinforces itself against the next injury by adding more, thicker fibers which makes the muscle fibers stronger than before. Exercise fatigue causes the release of growth factor hormones that “flips a switch” in the DNA of the muscles which causes the muscle to replicate. The new fibers attach to the injured cells making them thicker and stronger for the next challenge. In regular weight training only a small percentage of the muscle fibers experience the fatigue “flipping of the switch”. In Power of 10 weight training the goal is that exercise will fatigue or flip the switch on 90% to 100% of the muscles which will rebuild on rest. Once we have flipped all the switches, we are done and there is no point exercising any longer. Then we can take the 5-7 day rest to allow the muscles to rebuild properly. And because we can do all that in one workout, that is why there is only one Power of 10 workout session per week. I hope that gives you a good overview of the Power of 10 Fitness Program. There are a few other books out on the market that describe similar programs but what I found with the Power of 10 book is that it is written in a fun, funny, and encouraging manner. The exercise are laid out well and those requiring machines can be easily translated to free weights if you prefer. The author also goes into some depth on nutrition which I haven’t gone into. In my opinion, the book and program are worth checking out for your own fitness regime.

You can purchase the Power of 10 book or read additional reviews here.

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