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Quick Trim Reviews

Quick Trim is a line of weight loss supplements which has recently been released following proclamations by some minor celebrities that they’ve made good use of it and achieved impressive results.

The QuickTrim line includes 4 different products:

  1. QuickTrim Extreme Burn – a supplement that is claimed to be able to burn 300% more calories and a total of up to 8,000 extra calories each and every month.
  2. Celluslim – A gel that you need to rub into your cellulite trouble spots. The gel is supposed to help you reduce cellulite.
  3. Quick Trim Fast Cleanse – This supplement is to be taken at the beginning of your weight loss process to produce a 48 hour cleanse. This kind of cleansing can often lead to a very fast weight loss, although it will likely be mostly water weight.
  4. Quick Trim Burn and Cleanse – This is a multi-purpose supplement package which is to be taken for 14 days along with an attached exercise program.

All the products here can be taken separately, although there is supposed to be an increased effectiveness in using them all together.

Quick Trim customer reviews are mixed. On the official site of GNC, the manufacturer of these products, there are both good and bad reviews so the real picture is yet unclear.

There is no doubt that GNC is a fine company known for producing high quality products for athletes and regular fitness conscious people as well. However, there is an inherent problem is using any kind of supplement to achieve a long term weight loss: supplements do not encourage a lifestyle change.

To lose weight in the right way and to keep it off requires a real lifestyle change. You need to workout regularly and to eat right in order to get to a healthy weight and good body tone and keep it for years. Using supplements is trying to find the easy way and it is never that easy.

Quick Trim may be the next best thing, although for now it is still unclear.

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